I first got into gardening as a young boy when my mother and I moved out into the country. When I first moved to the country I quickly realized that there wasn’t a whole lot to do. That’s when I first decided to get into the country spirit and start a garden. For a young boy of 10 years old there was nothing more rewarding than turning a bare patch of dirt into a flourishing garden. I first had to learn how to turn the soil which was no small task since I had a large patch of ground and only a small garden hoe at my disposal. I will never forget the time I came home to find out that my neighbor had taken pity on me and brought over a small tractor.

In the eyes of a 10 year old my first garden was a roaring success. However, I was an incredibly impatient child who wanted his garden to grow faster. I still laugh today remembering all the time I spent measuring my tomato plants. This of course led me to try and find various ways to make my plants grow bigger and faster. However, it wasn’t until my late teens when I discovered the art of composting (and rabbit poop).

With that said, I made a lot of mistakes when it came to my first compost pile. At first I just left it in a large pile on the ground in which I would deposit absolutely anything and everything. It wasn’t long until I decided to invest in my first compost bin. It also took me some time to understand the importance of worms and turning my compost.

After several years of trial and error (mostly error) I started doing my research and producing some top notch compost. Hopefully by visiting my site you can avoid some of the mistakes that I have made.

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