Composting Leaves

Below is a hilarious video on composting your leaves. The video is produced by TEDx and the commentator is Mike McGrath. In this video McGrath discusses the importance of composting leaves.

In terms of weight, leaves can contain as much as twice the amount of minerals as manure. For example, the mineral content of a sugar maple leaf is over five percent. This is largely due to the deep root system of trees. These roots will absorb nutrients deep in the ground and deposit them into the leaves.

Leaves are great for maintaining moisture within your compost pile. They also help ventilate your compost by adding structure. The most important thing one must do when using leaves is to shred them. This will prevent the leaves from matting together as well as speed up the composting process.(Click here for 80 gallon compost tumbler)

Many people will only compost leaves and do so with great success. However, not everyone is so lucky. You may find that your leaves aren’t composting (or at least they aren’t composting as fast as you may like). When this happens, there are two things that you should first look at. The first being your patience, in that composting can take some time. The second most important thing to consider is whether or not you have shredded your leaves. A shredded leaf is a good leaf. Also don’t forget that you want you compost pile to be moist. Moisture is good, but in moderation.

Also, don’t forget to turn your compost every couple of weeks. You may also find it advantageous to either cover your compost pile with a tarp or invest in a compost bin. Doing so will help your compost heat up. If you do decide to cover your compost pile or bin, remember the importance of turning your compost. Covering your compost will help keep the heat in, but it may also keep your compost from properly aerating.

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