If you want to take your composting to the next level than you may want to invest in some worms. I literally cannot say enough good things about these slimy compost magicians. First and foremost, you will want to use Red Worm. I get mine from a company called Mountain Home Biological since they are close to where I live.(Click here to see worm composter)

Given the right environment Red Worms can breed like crazy. They are also less picky than other species of worms. They will literally devour almost anything you put into your compost bin. However, it’s important to note that many compost bins will not work was a viable worm bin. Some compost bins can get over 150 degrees. This might be good for some bacteria, but it’s not good for worms.

Worms like a nice moist environment. I personally like to use horse manure. But make sure that the horse has not been dewormed in last couple of month. If you cannot find horse manure you can also use a combination of damp cardboard, newspaper, and damp soil. You can then mix in your kitchen waste such as bits for fruit and vegetables. However, you will want to avoid adding any meat. Red Worms are not big fans of meat and it will only attract unwanted pests.

For whatever reason, Red Worms love coffee grounds. So be sure to save any and all coffee grounds to mix into the soil.

You can harvest your nutrient rich Red Worm soil every couple of months depending on how many worms you have. The more worms you have the more often you can harvest the nutrient rich soil. There are many different ways to sort out Red Worms from your soil. One popular method is to start adding kitchen waste to only one side of the bin. After a week or so the worms will migrate to that side of the bin. The method that I like most is to use a metal screen that has been stretched on a wood frame. Don’t worry about getting every single worm since they will reproduce and are good for your garden.

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